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The 4th of July :)

Spent the 4th with my sweet nephew. Such a good day, love him infinitely.

“When in doubt, make funny faces.”

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I just saw a post on Facebook of two pictures with a caption in between them: one photo was a girl without makeup and the other was the same girl with her make up done. The caption read “this is why you take her swimming on the first date.”
Let me say this… It’s posts like this that keep sexism alive and well. You say that like she’s trying to trick someone. Like her thought process getting ready was “the only thing this guy will like me for is my made-up face, which I am a monster without” and like if she loses that make-up, she’s lost her chance. NO. This girl and all girls are beautiful, no matter what. With pounds of make-up on, no make-up at all, hairy armpits, shaved armpits, 300lbs, 95lbs. It’s a woman’s prerogative to look like, be, and do whatever she wants. She’s not doing it for YOU. She’s not doing it as a trick. I wear make-up almost every day, but I don’t feel any less confident without it. And, quite honestly, if someone was so concerned about my physical appearance and found me less appealing as a human without make-up, I wouldn’t want that person in my life. Period.
So maybe consider breaking your patterns and your ignorant ways of thinking.
Especially the person who posted these pictures, who has a small child which I’m sure is now learning that “women should look and act a certain way.”

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